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Craven Bail Bonds - Your Trusted Bail Bond Agency in Lima & Allen County, Ohio

Experienced Bail Bonds Service in Lima and Allen County, Ohio

With 40 years in the bail bond industry, Craven Bail Bonds provides fast, confidential, and professional service to residents of Lima, Allen County, and all across Ohio. Our skilled bail agents are available 24/7 to assist with any bail bond needs in local, state, or nationwide courts.

Compassion, Honesty & Respect - Our Guiding Principles

Established in 1978, the team at Craven Bail Bonds adheres to our core values of Compassion, Honesty & Respect. Each team member pledges to uphold these principles, providing every client with the utmost respect and ethical treatment.

Understanding that bail bond needs can arise at any moment, our services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. We promise fast and reliable bail bond services to residents of Lima and Allen County.

Bail Bonds that offer financing in Lima, OH

Affordable Financing Options for Bail Bonds

Financing Bail in Lima, OH

We work with client budgets to provide affordable payment plans, reducing the financial strain of incarceration. Craven Bail Bonds offers the easiest payment plans with low down payments. We assure you that our actions are always governed by our ideology of Compassion, Honesty & Respect.

Free Bail Bond Consultations

Our professional bail agents offer free and confidential bail bond consultations to assist clients in understanding their rights and responsibilities within the Lima and Allen County court systems.

Contact Craven Bail Bonds Today for Trustworthy Bail Bond Services in Lima and Allen County, Ohio

Our unmatched experience, round the clock availability, and commitment to our core values make us the go-to bail bond service in Lima and Allen County, Ohio.

Contact us immediately at 419-228-6800 for immediate help or to schedule a free and confidential bail bond consultation.

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  • Allen County Jail

    (419) 227-3535
    333 North Main Street
    Lima, OH 45801

    Jail Website

  • Allen County Common Pleas Court

    (419) 222-8427
    301 N Main St
    Lima, OH 45801

    Allen Common Pleas Court Website

    Allen County Court House

    The Judges of the Common Pleas Court take an oath upon being sworn into office “to administer justice without respect to persons and faithfully & impartially to discharge and perform all duties incumbent on him as such Judge….”

    The Allen County Courthouse was constructed in 1882 at a cost of $213,167. The building, designed in Victorian architecture by George H. Maetzel, is constructed of brick, stone and marble. A major addition was made to the building in 1990 that included courtrooms, a jail and the sheriff’s office.

    Located at 301 N. Main St. in the county seat of Lima, the courthouse today houses the Allen County Court of Common Pleas and its domestic relations and probate divisions. The county and courthouse are named after Ethan Allen, a soldier of the Green Mountain Boys who fought in both the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War.

    In 1933, the Allen County Courthouse was brought into the national spotlight when a prisoner named John Dillinger was freed after gang members shot and killed the Allen County sheriff. The courthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

Direct Bail Agent Contact

We do not waste our clients time when it comes to getting themselves or someone they care about, out of jail in Ohio. EVERY time you call Craven Bail Bonds, one of our Bail Agents will be answering the phone, and they will give you the help you need.

Criminal Bail Bonds Service in Ohio

Criminal Bail Bonds

Craven Bail Bonds has been writing criminal bail bonds in Ohio for over 40 years now. We also handle DUI and Traffic Bail Bonds. We assure all of our clients, we exercise Compassion, Honesty & Respect.

DUI & Traffic Bail Bonds

Craven Bail Bonds has been writing DUI and Traffic Bail Bonds in Ohio for over 40 years now. We also provide Criminal Bail Bonds as well. We assure all of our clients, we exercise Compassion, Honesty & Respect.


Bail Bond Service in all 88 Ohio Counties

Craven Bail Bonds serves all 88 counties in Ohio. No matter your location we can serve your bail bond needs and we’re open 24 / 7! Call anytime, and you call will be answered by one of our certified Bail Bond Agents. We don’t waste your time.

We also provide Nationwide Bail Bond Service.

John Craven Bail Bond Agency has been serving all of Ohio in the bail bond business for 35 years. Our team of professional bail agents provides fast, confidential service, and we serve all local, state, and nationwide courts.

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